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s.h.o.e. p.o.r.n

so..................................................................................................long time no post sheshhh my last post was october! FARK. anyways enough dilly dally i'll just get straight back into it. starting up a new season of blogging (notice the new header if you have visited before hopefully you have....but most likely not) with no other than some  quick well deserved eye-gasmic shoe porn.

balenciaga fall 2010-2011
to begin with i chose one of my favorite shoes of the season the balenciaga fall 2010-2011 chunky shoe. i know that just about everyone under the blogging sun has posted about these but it cant hurt to see those delicious color blocked (literally speaking) babies once again.
nicolas ghesquiere (creative director for balenciaga for those of you who don't know him - picture above) (ohai nicolas!) has struck gold in my opinion in creating these futuristic, multi colored, textural, stacked chunky heels which everyone is lusting over. the avant gar-de wardrobe statements feature an array of pastel tones throughout, with a few light shades of what appears to be wood on the front covering and base of the shoe. inside the heel sit a variety of different materials which look to be solid colored plexiglass, colored marble and wood. innocently stacked upon one another which excell the wearer to extreme fashion heights. a loafer inspired form is prominent in the collection with perfectly placed skinny buckles and visible stitching which off-sets the mix of textured fabrics and materials thus tying the shoe together in complete futuristic  elegance, a trade mark of nicholas's aesthetic. plus what better way to present these shoes than a light up floor!! (cue the applause) it ads to the futuristic look of the shoe and gives us a better look into the structure and tonal qualities these delectable shoes present.
(oooooo ahhhhh please stare in amazement. picture from
when i look at these shoes i think an infusion of re-modified loafers, stacking blocks and marble. these beauties will sure bring you some spectators

christian louboutin mens spring 2010
usually known for his signature pumps and sky-high stiletto's, mr. louboutin is often forgotten or simply not known as a mens footwear designer . the designer who's shoes are often seen on just about every celebrity has recently released a new mens collection which consists of three staggering looks. first spotted in early december on musician and fashion designer himself; pharrell williams, photos of the shoes were quickly swimming round the internet with people eager to see more (or maybe that was just me). finally official pictures surfaced and behold, the wonderful creations in the flesh!!!!
the all over cone studded sexiness comes in three variations. the notorious high top sneaker; a 7 eyelet lace up available in either black or white and the freddy flat; a smartly studded 5 eyelet patent leather brogue complete with waxed laces. i die i die for the freddy brogues!!!. retail approx 750euro. which i can so not afford, well hey at least dreams are free (to cliche ariki to cliche) or a potential d.i.y project..... i shall update if proceeded!

alexander wang freja bootie (spring summer 2010)
inspired by the danish beauty herself, the freja bootie from alexander wang's spring summer 2010 collection is on hot demand. one of the most blogged about shoes of the season they've been spotted on a large percentage of models even with rihanna wearing them on a night out. alexander's new and modern take on the classic peep toe boot is definitely a favorite in the fashion industry.
(freja behaerichsen backstage at the alexander wang summer 2010 show in new york. I DIE FOR THE GLASSES)
the bootie (i love the word bootie, is that wierd) is constructed from genuine leather it features a front zipper and a second layering placed overtop of the zip closure, for lacing up. with eyelets that resemble a hectagon nut screw, a relatively solid sized heel and a large zipped open peep toe area the boots scream rocker chic. the shoe comes in a variety of colors black, green/khaki, brown and a black leather with black and white pinstripe. retail price starting at approx $800US  

jimmy choo light up platform sandal
reminiscent of the chunky, light up soled sneaker's that primary school kids toddle about in, jimmy choo's latest spring 2010 platform sandal's are no child's play. think disco fever but beneath your feet and these shoes are guaranteed to get the party started. the platform heels which sit roughly 5 inches above the ground feature technology (which i am not too familiar with and actually have no clue what i'm talking about so i'm gonna shut up) where every step results in a flash of a lightbulb hidden inside the shoe's transparent heel. the brightly colored platform which is partly constructed out if transparent plexiglass is available in two color variations, a classic black sandal with a neon yellow heel and a racy red under sole vs. multi-colored straps, pink heel and a similar vivid red under sole. the colorful kick is bound to get you noticed were ever you go.
victoria will from the, bravely strutted around the busy streets of downtown manhattan  in the platforms and was literally swarmed people curious to find out more about the footwear she was wearing. woman after woman after woman, inner child bursting at the seams desperate to own a pair of the exclusive shoes with one woman even walking backwards down the street to get a better look. CRAZED FASHION STALKER MUCH? 
as far as the advertisement picture goes don't even get me started. i'm not one to criticize a major company's work but i.m.h.o. they got it soooooooo wrong.
CREATIVE DIRECTION CONVERSATION FAIL NO 1 "so spring yeh?" "yes!" "idea's?" *long pause cause thats how dumb bitches work* "OHMAIGAWD" "yes?" "why don't we try putting her in a bikini and team it with blue lighting to channel a kind of spring SENSAYSHUN?" cause thats so creative my friend.... not. plus they didn't even bother to light up the shoes! it's one of the main reason's these shoes are selling like donuts at a fat camp......because of the light people!. do they incorporate one of the most eye catching qualities into the photograph? no. F.F.F.F.F.
anyways my friends not to leave on a bad note.... but most jimmy choo stores in the manhattan area are out of stock and there is even more of a fierce cyber diva battle for purchasing online. retail price of $2,495US 

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