Wednesday, March 6, 2013


hi y'all. today i received my fantastic pair of 'derek cardigan' prescription eyewear. these are model number '7012' in the colour variation 'ice'. i purchased these bad-boy's last week off of the new zealand based eyewear & contact lens provider "clearly contacts". i am totally over the moon with these glasses, and finally beaming after experiencing life in high definition for the first time in a while! the site features an array of prescription eyewear, designer sunglasses and prescription as well as coloured contact lenses. + for a limited time only you can receive your first pair of prescription eyewear free (from a specific selection of frames). this was the deal that i received after seeing a promotion through facebook (click here). all together the glasses came to around $40. $20 of that for shipping/insurance and handling + the other $20 for a premium anti-reflective, uv protective and scratch resistant coating. all together money very well spent in my opinion, especially at such a inexpensive price.
x ariki

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

à la gangster

hi! feeling under the weather today + my homosapien body has decided to grow a mini gourmet pizza on my face. so in true ariki fashion i decided to rep my inner hoodlum and rock a union jack bandana à la gangster style. sorry not sorry

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

thats swag bitch

impromptu instagram photo opportunity on a late nigh stroll with a wonderful friend by the name of ashley. the snarling rottweiler givenchy sweater from the fall/winter 2011 mens collection, is a staple piece in any wardrobe and was such a steal on ebay. here i've thrown the sweater over a thrifted black turtleneck sweater paired with asos smart skinny trousers and a pair of black leather dr. marten 1460 boots. the high collared neck and neutral tones, transform the look from a casual day look to a monochromatic dimension of high fashion. chronic gothic love. cue the mediocre hash tags. #religiousmournerbyfashion #dgaf
hope everyone is having an awesome week.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

my mindset today. expect a lot more creativity on this blog. sorry not sorry
$ 2013 artistic rebirth $

Thursday, January 31, 2013


-art revolution 2013-

 ♥ ariki

Sunday, April 18, 2010

the tales of a twisting and turning sweater

bleh bleh bleehhh. <--best OMG.IM.SO.UPSET VOCABULARY EVAH. so today was the day i've been dreading over the last two weeks, coming back to uni (and to my flat). so for those of you who are'nt that well acquainted with me i'm a first year university student, studying a art course that really isn't floating the boat (infact i think it's fair enough to say that the fucking boat has capsized) so it was sad moment saying goodbye to al my family again and now here i sit, alone in my flat which is in a completely different town. ahhh im really upset and condoling myself with a selection of gloomy songs does'nt help:'( so to counteract this dull mood i decided to keep my self busy and post a blog. i'll apologize now if i bore anyone......or everyone. so i just decided to put together some pictures of the outfit i was wearing earlier. think a david bowie, jean charles de castelbajac love child meets military punk?
pattern sweater - thrifted. beige pants - thifted and altered by me. black patent doc martens.

CRAYZAY PIKCHA'S. can i just say two weeks without accessibility to a fully stocked wardrobe makes some go insane in the membrane. randomly threw outfit together. don't ask why but for a strange reason all i could think of was disney channel when i was put on the sweater. i got it about a month ago i don't really know what i was thinking when i purchased this but it was one of those moment's were your like 'I HAVE TO HAVE THIS BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE GRABS IT' or maybe thats just me hmmm. beige pants were also thrifted as i mentioned above. when i first bought them they were m.c hammer style NO JOKE but after abit of pinning and a zap through the sewing machine BAM new pair of slim fit pants. i actually mite put up a tutorial for those of you out there who want to know how make pants a tighter fit because i have another pair that i want to do the same too. so anyway i'll be posting another update tomorrow about something fabulous so until then chow bitches.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

this my jam right here

music friendly fires - skeleton boy
so another short semi-unrelated fashion film, and may i introduce you to my bff lucy!!!! *cue the virtual hai*. this is my second short film for the blog and im really enjoying making these. shot on a uneventful tuesday night in my vacated garage off we set to create a crazy pointless film that captured the energy we were in. our inspiration came from iconic dressing figures and images such as david bowie, prince (which i have finally come to realize, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, a random gaga picture i found on my desktop and subliminally debbie harris (blondie for the less educated of you out there)*see pics below*.
INSPARAYSHUNS!!!! i know that all of these aren't cohesive with one another but hey at least we tried? so i haven't slept in roughly 30 hours because my ass and eyes were clued to that computer desk like shit to a blanket. but after 15 hours of editing and re-editing finally it is finished. holla