Monday, April 5, 2010

crazy cash containments

ok so sorry for the delayed post to those of you who stumble across my small mini pixel-size part of the internet. blah blah *cue the lame excuse about school and something bullshitty that sounds believable* blah blah. so anyways while browsing all different corners of the INTERWEBZ i came across some very interesting wallets. fashion can get crazy some times especially with these creations. shaped as odd and un-expected items the wallets will add a personal and quirky touch to anyones outfits! (if you're brave enough)
first the candy wrapper wallet by maison martin margiela. covered in a hot pink metallic leather? (i'm guessing it's leather). the oversize wrapper is available here for $410US 
the cassette tape wallet by marcella foschi combines a vintage cassette tape and a fabric zipper to create a cute little coin purse or just a miscellaneous pouch for carrying various necessities. RETRO AT ITS BEST. also may be easy to d.i.y which i might try do if i get the time. available here for $39
the hamburger wallet by toddland is something that  i could see myself carrying around for laughs because i get cheap thrills like that. not for the plain jane this wallet is bound to bring some unwanted attention. retail price of $25US on fredflare  here   
and last but not least the buttered toast wallet! this one made me laugh. its functional and super funny at the same time. retail of $16US available via fred flare here.
so get crazy bitches and add one of these funky pieces to your wardrobe to lighten up yo' day!

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