Wednesday, March 6, 2013


hi y'all. today i received my fantastic pair of 'derek cardigan' prescription eyewear. these are model number '7012' in the colour variation 'ice'. i purchased these bad-boy's last week off of the new zealand based eyewear & contact lens provider "clearly contacts". i am totally over the moon with these glasses, and finally beaming after experiencing life in high definition for the first time in a while! the site features an array of prescription eyewear, designer sunglasses and prescription as well as coloured contact lenses. + for a limited time only you can receive your first pair of prescription eyewear free (from a specific selection of frames). this was the deal that i received after seeing a promotion through facebook (click here). all together the glasses came to around $40. $20 of that for shipping/insurance and handling + the other $20 for a premium anti-reflective, uv protective and scratch resistant coating. all together money very well spent in my opinion, especially at such a inexpensive price.
x ariki

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