Friday, April 9, 2010


severe boredom, a mild hangover and bad weather resulted in me trying one of the fashion worlds most on-going trend. bleached; or as i abbreviate it, no eyebrows. i wasn't really in favour of this trend when earlier in the year a friend publicly announced she was going to shave off the delicate eye protecters which to her dismay didn't go down to well with her facebook status comment droppers. but here i sit actually really digging the trend and contemplating wether to bleach my own eyebrows (i'm weird don't question it) the look has been evident on the catwalk in such shows as balenciaga, prada, lanvin, marc jacobs and louis vuitton (me thinks that marc has an eyebrow hate or something traumatizing) but the movement doesn't stop there with fashion houses such as givenchy transitioning the look into their fall winter 09 advertisments which was fucking amazing can i just add.
spot a pair of brows
so off i ventured into the androgynous land of no eyebrows, equipped with a glue stick, a knife and an assortment of foundations which were kindly donated by my sister (which she actually has no clue about) so basically i just covered my brows over with glue which is a trick used in drag so they say. so i did about 4 coats of glue and its important that you wait for each layer to dry before adding another on top or else the glue will start to clump and flake off around the edges and we're not going for that nasty drunken drag look. after the 4 or so layers it should be ready to apply the coverup but through trial and error i realized i should have really applied a white face paint or something of the sort down first to act as a base because you could still faintly see my brows in the finished product. but watevs. pictchas pictchas
ohai brows
lara stone much?
please excuse the shitty photobooth pictures. at first it's kinda like woah, real in your face but after a minute or so i actually really liked it so much i'm actually contemplating bleaching my eyebrows just for fun like pelayo from kate loves me. hmmm i'll have to seriously think about that. so yah basically only took like ten to fifteen minutes and i'm pretty happy with the end result. i was also thinking about using this technique for any upcoming photo shoots i do if the model is comfortable with the whole idea. oh yea and to remove i just ran a face cloth under hot hot (gotta be reeeel hot y'all) water and just wiped it off - works wayyy easier that way instead of like make up remover and the like.

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