Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a short film

Untitled from Ariki Tane on Vimeo.
music uffie - pop the glock (sebastian remix)
my first short fashion film. just random clips of me dancing and making a idiot of myself. compiled the video last night never went to bed until 8am so please excuse if this post doesn't make sense, i don't think the copious amounts of hot drinks i consumed last night help. anyways (i say this alot don't ask why) the film was inspired by certain fashion commercials such as the awesome prada ss10 fark that commercial is amazing. why can't they put commercials like that on t.v. bitch. also rihanna's music video for rude boy came to mind as i was editing. epualettes in video handmade by moi and yes that is some crazy ass hair shoulder drama. hope you like, im pretty happy with the result keeping in mind that its one of my first edited films. 

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