Sunday, April 18, 2010

the tales of a twisting and turning sweater

bleh bleh bleehhh. <--best OMG.IM.SO.UPSET VOCABULARY EVAH. so today was the day i've been dreading over the last two weeks, coming back to uni (and to my flat). so for those of you who are'nt that well acquainted with me i'm a first year university student, studying a art course that really isn't floating the boat (infact i think it's fair enough to say that the fucking boat has capsized) so it was sad moment saying goodbye to al my family again and now here i sit, alone in my flat which is in a completely different town. ahhh im really upset and condoling myself with a selection of gloomy songs does'nt help:'( so to counteract this dull mood i decided to keep my self busy and post a blog. i'll apologize now if i bore anyone......or everyone. so i just decided to put together some pictures of the outfit i was wearing earlier. think a david bowie, jean charles de castelbajac love child meets military punk?
pattern sweater - thrifted. beige pants - thifted and altered by me. black patent doc martens.

CRAYZAY PIKCHA'S. can i just say two weeks without accessibility to a fully stocked wardrobe makes some go insane in the membrane. randomly threw outfit together. don't ask why but for a strange reason all i could think of was disney channel when i was put on the sweater. i got it about a month ago i don't really know what i was thinking when i purchased this but it was one of those moment's were your like 'I HAVE TO HAVE THIS BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE GRABS IT' or maybe thats just me hmmm. beige pants were also thrifted as i mentioned above. when i first bought them they were m.c hammer style NO JOKE but after abit of pinning and a zap through the sewing machine BAM new pair of slim fit pants. i actually mite put up a tutorial for those of you out there who want to know how make pants a tighter fit because i have another pair that i want to do the same too. so anyway i'll be posting another update tomorrow about something fabulous so until then chow bitches.

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  1. Wow, incredibly cool photos and a guy who thrifts and alters! You are a dream! :) Thank you so much for linking to ASS!