Thursday, April 15, 2010

this my jam right here

music friendly fires - skeleton boy
so another short semi-unrelated fashion film, and may i introduce you to my bff lucy!!!! *cue the virtual hai*. this is my second short film for the blog and im really enjoying making these. shot on a uneventful tuesday night in my vacated garage off we set to create a crazy pointless film that captured the energy we were in. our inspiration came from iconic dressing figures and images such as david bowie, prince (which i have finally come to realize, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, a random gaga picture i found on my desktop and subliminally debbie harris (blondie for the less educated of you out there)*see pics below*.
INSPARAYSHUNS!!!! i know that all of these aren't cohesive with one another but hey at least we tried? so i haven't slept in roughly 30 hours because my ass and eyes were clued to that computer desk like shit to a blanket. but after 15 hours of editing and re-editing finally it is finished. holla

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